Top DC Recruiter: "Nobody in their right mind will hire anybody from Google or Facebook in DC now. A Google affiliation is the resume kiss-of-death in 2017 DC"

A Google executive organized an online resume bank for outgoing White House staff and campaign staffers from the Clinton, Obama and other Democratic campaigns in order to help them find work, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Laslo Bock, Google’s outgoing Chief of Human Resources is leading a desperate effort to help participants in Google’s failed DNC Coup D’Etat from Hillary For America staff and others find work after the devastating losses. With employers being able to see that people worked for Google be checking past records on Linkedin, Axciom and Taleo, it is impossible for Ex-Google shills to hide from unemployment.


(The Grumpy, Google, Insider DNC Coup D'Etat "Unemployables")


In the effort, though, Laslo Bock has exposed the identities of all of the members of Google’s, Netflix’s, Facebook’s and Twitter’s Cartel of take-over weasels. WIKILEAKS is going to have a field day.


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